Desktop & Laptop Repair


InterMedia 3 prides itself on quick, reliable repairs of any windows-based PC.  Even if your computer is out of warranty, we can still fix it.  We offer competitive prices and second-to-none service. 

Service Center & Technical Support:  419-692-8211

Desktop PC Repair

We can fix any PC problem from faulty hardware to corrupted software. InterMedia 3 specializes in fast and reliable repair of all Windows based PC's. Have viruses and spyware taken over your computer? No problem, we can remove those pesky infections and get your PC running like new again. We can also reformat your aging PC and breathe new life into it.

We can also help with hardware upgrades:

  • Hard Drives
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Video Cards
  • CD & DVD Burners
  • Sound Cards
  • Floppy Drives
  • Motherboards
  • Processors
  • Modems
  • Power Supplies
Laptop PC Repair

InterMedia 3 is a full service laptop repair facility that can service any brand of Laptop PC. Competitve rates and fast, reliable service make us stand out from the rest. Our standard turnaround time is faster than most of our competitors. Before doing any repair work, we'll do a full hardware diagnostic to ensure the problem does not stem from faulty hardware. This will give us a better understanding of your PC and allow us to give you a more accurate diagnosis.

Common laptop repair services performed:

  • Power jack, power cord and/or motherboard replacement
  • LCD screen and/or inverter replacement
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Hard Drive & Memory (RAM) upgrades
  • Complete virus, spyware, malware & adware removal
  • Windows Opertating System reinstallation
PC Bytes Program

What type of repairs does InterMedia 3 do?
Just about anything.  From motherboards to power supplies, we fix it all.

How much does it cost?
Cost depends on the nature of the issue and/or the cost of replacement parts (if necessary).  We will do a full diagnostic and call you with an estimate.

How long does it take?
It depends on the nature of the issue and delivery of parts (if necessary).  Most issues are resolved in 24-48 hours if no parts are ordered.